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Why TGO Capital

Multifamily real estate is a secure and reliable asset to invest in. It will provide you with cash flow and appreciation that multiplies your investment. Wealth generation requires you to multiply your money and real estate allows you to reliably do that. Learn more about real estate investments today.

Cash Flow

Invest into properties that have location and value upside to generate positive cash flow for investors.

Forced Appreciation

Choosing the right assets to invest in will allow you to increase rents to improve property value.


Real estate investments are less volatile and has historically outperformed the S&P 500.


You can leverage your money, allowing for the purchase of $100M with only $25M.

Our Process


Acquire Multifamily Assets

Search for multifamily assets that have significant upside potential.


Implement Value-Adds

Invest significant capital into the property to achieve immediate rental increases.


Increase Rents to Market Levels

Review market comps to ensure your rents are in-line or above market value.


Refinance Property

Recapture equity investments to shareholders and move on to the next real estate investment.

Closed Transaction$

Williamsville, NY

Village Green Court 

targeted irr: 16%
type: Value-Add
Williamsville, NY

Drexel Hill Apartments

targeted irr: 35%
type: Value-Add
East Amherst, NY

Forest Green Apartments

targeted irr: 30%
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