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How To Create More Success Within Your Lifestyle

I want to talk to you about creating success within your lifestyle. The only way to do this is to create financial freedom. Without financial freedom you’re going to be working forever. There’s not going to be an end in sight if you don’t start working towards creating that financial freedom. Continue reading to see how you can create more success within your lifestyle.

Getting Started

The best way to do this is by making smart investments. A lot of people aren’t investing their money and are living paycheck to paycheck. You want to start saving so you have enough money to start investing into real estate. Even if you have a limited amount of money, it’s all you need to start investing into real estate. There are people who are living with hardly any money, living paycheck to paycheck, doing even worse off than you probably are. But yet, they could still invest into real estate successfully. Even people with the most money in the world can screw it up. 

Why People Lose Money 

For example, celebrities and sports players make a tremendous amount of money. A lot of the time they are losing money because they lack investment knowledge. You have to make a mental mindset shift where you can start investing into real estate. That’s going to be the ultimate way to create freedom.

It’s not investing into other investments that you’re seeing on the market place such as 401K’s or the stock market. There are lots of places where you can invest your money. However, those are not going to be sustainable places to invest in. The best place is not commercial real estate, and it’s not industrial or single family. The best place to invest in is multifamily real estate or townhouses that have 50 or 100 units. Those are going to be the best places you can place your money to create that financial freedom within your future. 


It’s not going to happen overnight. It’s something you have to build up overtime. You’re not going to build all of this real estate success and all this passive income in the next week or two weeks.  It’s going to be hard work week over week and month after month and year over year. That’s how you’re going to build up and grow your real estate portfolio, which will become extremely valuable in the future. It’s similar to the saying, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” If anyone is looking to create financial freedom, it’s going to be investing into multifamily real estate. It’s a mental mindset shift you have to instill in your mind to invest into real estate.

Build Your Investment Portfolio 

So many people work Monday – Friday and they take the entire weekend off, when in reality they should be building up their investment portfolio. Look at real estate on the weekends. Drive around your local area or take a drive around to look for properties that may be listed for sale. It could be vacant land, a multifamily portfolio of units, 30 units in a location just down the road from where you live, etc. These are the different types of real estate deals you should be looking at. Maybe they’re not even listed on the marketplace, but you can find out who owns them, call them, talk to them and communicate with them.

You’d be surprised at all of the deals we’re able to put together just by communicating with people. They aren’t even deals that have hit the market place and they’re not even listed, but we’re able to buy the properties. It’s just getting into the mental frame and that mindset to create success. 

Mental Toughness

When I grew up I played hockey at a very high level and that instilled mental toughness. I played all over the country and hockey taught me a lot about many different things. One of the biggest takeaways was mental toughness. That’s what created a strength within my mindset that helped me invest into real estate and create success.

Without mental toughness I probably wouldn’t have the work ethic I do today. You need to have a form of toughness when you’re running drills and working hard. You have to be very disciplined, and all of these factors are what helped me build success investing into real estate. That’s what you have to build up,  that mental toughness, by training yourself day after day to build it up and create success. This will ultimately build financial freedom for yourself. Once you create that set up and the mental framework, it’s going to become a habit. You’re going to have it working day after day and you’re going to be finding deals and making investments that are going to build freedom for the long term. It’s not just going to be for yourself, it’s going to be for your family and it’s going to last for generations. 

Real Estate Investments Can Benefit Your Family 

You can’t destroy real estate. Just look at the market. It’s always appreciated over years and decades, and real estate is going to be a great investment for your future and your family. It’s going to provide you more time. Once you create financial success and create that freedom by investing into real estate, you’re going to find that your passive income is growing. That’s what’s going to create long term success and it’s really the ultimate goal you should be working towards when you’re investing.

There’s so many alternative investments out there, you just have to be careful. But real estate should be your number one pick and you just have to make it work. Look at deals on the weekend, make sure things are clicking and you’re  communicating and talking to people. If you’re unsatisfied with the amount of freedom you currently have, you have to make a change and you have to start investing.

That’s the best way to create more freedom for yourself. It’s going to give you a lot of happiness and enjoyment by creating this freedom. However, it all comes down to hard work. If you’re not going to work hard and you don’t have the work ethic or mental toughness, it’s going to be really hard and nearly impossible to create that investment success. You’d have to think about it and put things together and see what’s going to work for you. 

Model For Success

Everyone has a model for success. So, see what’s going to fit with your lifestyle and I’ll help you. I have a system I can give you to create success, you just have to be willing to accept the help and figure out how to invest into real estate by finding and following my system. I share a lot of free content on social media on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and anywhere I can help you invest into real estate. That’s my mission. To help people create financial freedom and help you spend more time with your family and work less.

I’ll help you find real estate investments where you can hire people and build a team to create success. You can scale it, build it to any level you want, and there’s no limit to what you can grow your portfolio to. When I first started out investing into real estate, I partnered with my father. We just started finding deals, chipping away, putting things together, and communicating with people. That was how we started. It wasn’t easy and it was a lot of hard work. But you have to get out there and start doing it.

As I mentioned, I came from a hockey background, playing all over the world. I won nationals and played in Detroit for a team called Little Caesars. It was an unbelievable organization and that’s how it all started, by creating that mental framework. I think you have to look back and self reflect a little bit to see what you have to do mentally to make it all work for yourself. 

Real Estate Is One Of The Best Investments

Real estate is one of the best investments and decisions you can make for creating freedom for your future. Think about it, put some thoughts together, figure out how you can get into the marketplace. You can do it, it’s just a matter of how you want to do it. If you follow what I show you investing into real estate, it’s going to happen a lot faster. I’ll show you all of the mistakes we’ve made growing our organization and how we’ve learned from them. I want to show you all of these mistakes so you know not to make them, so you can grow faster and in record time. Think about it, put some deals together and start looking into real estate. Find a way to make it work so you can create more financial freedom within your lifestyle. 

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