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How To Invest In Real Estate Without Experience

It can be hard to find where to start when you want to invest into real estate without experience. If you want to invest into multifamily real estate, you have to get out into the marketplace and look at deals. The deal is the most important part of the process. It’s more important than the debt you have to place, raising the equity and any other component of real estate investing. Find out where you can source your deals from and take control by putting it under contract. Without having the deal under contract, you lack the leverage to go out and start putting all of the pieces together to close the deal.

There are many ways you can find deals in the marketplace. You should build out a strategy for each of these processes to create ultimate success creating deal flow. The more you focus your attention on finding real estate deals, the more deals you will find. You can create your own luck through your hard work to invest in real estate without experience. 

Finding Your First Deal 

The first deal is going to be the toughest deal you’ll do, but don’t be discouraged. The second, third, fourth, and fifth deals are going to be easier to find. They will also be more profitable because you’re going to learn from all the mistakes and failures you’ve made. If you learn from your mistakes, you’re going to make better decisions on your future investments. No matter how hard it gets, you’ll improve through the struggles that you overcome.


One of the best and fastest ways to get started finding a multifamily real estate deal is to work with a broker. If you have limited capital and you’re looking to get started in real estate, look for someone that does smaller deals. Start out with two, three, or four unit properties, just so you can get into the marketplace and start touring deals and putting numbers together. See the type of return you will generate on your investment. Rents will always increase if you purchase property in the right locations.

Even if you slightly overpay for the property, the rents are going to increase, which will increase the value of the property. Find a deal that makes sense and get into the game. If you don’t have enough time in your schedule to learn about real estate, find a real estate fund that you can invest your capital into. Start generating a return on investment rather than leaving your money in the bank.

“Get started finding a deal, and figure it out!”

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